BOC Sciences's test center has advanced equipment and can provide biopharmaceutical analysis services in compliance with FDA requirements in accordance with regulatory requirements. BOC Sciences provides a one-stop system for the analysis and determination of antibody-conjugated drugs (ADCs), determines the biological activity of drugs, and provides a series of standardized cellular and biochemical assays.

In order to ensure the safety, effectiveness and quality of the drug, the activity needs to be tested during the development of ADC. Viability measurement is one of the most important indicators to ensure the effectiveness of a drug. Methods for viability detection include:in vivo assays,in vitro animal organ assays, biochemical enzyme reaction assays, immunological activity assays, andin vitro cell culture assays.


Bioassays services provided by BOC Sciences include

  • Cell health assays

Cell health plays an important role in the screening of drugs. In the early stage, it was possible to evaluate whether a drug has the ability to kill cells. BOC Sciences provides a variety of methods for detecting cell viability and cytotoxicity, including: stain exclusion method, fluorescence exclusion method, MTT colorimetric method, Annexin V/PI staining method, etc. BOC Sciences can perform cell health assays according to customer needs.

  • Functional assays

BOC Sciences can track and locate the drug's intracellular transport through flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy. High-resolution images can also be used to observe intracellular transport and co-localization.

BOC Sciences uses flow cytometry to test the cell cycle, and can find the cell cycle of the specific drug effect, and then study the target of the drug effect.

  • Cell detection

Method development and validation of cell tests to meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Design tailor-made development solutions based on experimental methods.

Optimization of customer-supplied analytical methods.

Our advantages

  • True loyalty and partnership
  • Skilled chemistry team
  • Fully equipped analytical support
  • High quality, low cost products
  • Advanced technology and methods
  • Comprehensive analysis of biopharmaceutical services


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* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.

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