ADC Linker and Cytotoxin Conjugations

ADC Linker and Cytotoxin Conjugations

As a professional company engaged in technology outsourcing services related to antibody-conjugated drugs (ADCs), BOC Sciences is capable of developing complete service processes for customer-designed linker-toxin combinations. We can support and guide you in developing a testable candidate matrix to find the ideal ADC for your patients.

Overview of ADC Linker and Cytotoxin Conjugations

ADCs treatment is shifting from hematomas (lymphoma and leukemia) to solid tumors (breast cancer, urethral cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, etc.), and the expansion of these clinical indications highlights the therapeutic potential of ADCs. During ADCs drugs construction, the types of antibodies used are unlimited, but linkers types, connection methods, and toxins variety are limited. Moreover, the specific combination of linkers and cytotoxins is most likely to differentiate the efficacy of ADC drugs and patented. In BOC Sciences, we provide inexpensive and highly-quality custom ADCs conjugation services using the integrated approach with various payloads, linkers, and conjugation methods.

ADC linker and cytotoxin conjugation schemes Fig. 1. ADC linker and cytotoxin conjugation schemes.

There are different linker-drug combinations in clinical practice, but the peptide method remained mainstream. Peptides can be proteolysis by proteases and enter cells fastly to inhibit cell growth, as well as surrounding cells. However, optimal linker-payload combinations cannot be intuitively predicted during ADCs development. Therefore, to achieve the most efficient and tolerable ADCs, BOC Sciences provides our customers with the linker and toxin connection methods you are interested in.

Custom ADC Linker and Cytotoxin Conjugation Services

Multiple Linkers Supply and Synthesis Process Technologies

ADCs Linkers can significantly impact the toxicity, stability, specificity and other properties of ADCs drugs. Thus, the choice of linkers is critical for ADCs drug development. BOC Sciences linker development platform can provide various linker products and development services for your research and production needs, such as cleavable linkers and non-cleavable linkers.

Multiple Cytotoxins Supply and Synthetic Process Technologies

The cytotoxic payload usually utilizes small-molecule drugs that target tumor cells/tissues to induce cell death. BOC Sciences can provide a variety of customized development services for high-efficiency payloads so that ADCs can eradicate target cells even at low cumulative concentrations.

Supply of Multiple Linker-Cytotoxin Products and Synthetic Technologies

The link between the payload and antibody is crucial in regulating the uniformity and efficacy of ADCs. Traditional methods rely on lysine and interchain cysteine to link cytotoxic molecules to antibodies. However, new site-directed coupling technologies could use unique linkers to produce ADCs drugs with a single DAR value. In addition to developing ADCs cytotoxins and linkers, BOC Sciences also provides a wide range of ADCs cytotoxins with linkers products and synthetic technologies to help you obtain the desired ADCs drug.

Customer Specific Linker-Cytotoxin Synthesis, Process Development

BOC Sciences provides linker-toxin customization services throughout the drug discovery process in the most cost-effective, cost-controllable and cost-predictable manner. Our advanced scientific team can offer specific linker-toxin process development services to our customers timely.

Radiolabeled Linkers and Payloads Technologies

Radiolabeled uses a radionuclide to replace one or several atoms in a compound so that it can be identified and used as a tracer, and radioisotope-conjugated ADCs drugs construction has a major advance in the history of ADCs drug development. BOC Science can provide a variety of radiolabeled linkers and payload technology development services for your research project needs.

Our Linker and Cytotoxin Conjugation Workflow

Our Linker and Cytotoxin Conjugation Workflow

Our ADC Service Specifications

  • True loyalty and partnership
  • Skilled chemistry team
  • Fully equipped analytical support
  • High quality, low-cost products
  • Advanced technologies and methods
  • Comprehensive biopharmaceutical analytical services

Our ADC Linker with Cytotoxin Products


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