About Us

About Us

BOC Sciences is a life sciences group with its headquarters in the NY. BOC Sciences provides the most complete set of solutions in antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) drug development services in the pharmaceutical industry. Working with companies and academic groups all over the world, including most of the top biopharmaceutical companies, BOC Sciences supports the development and manufacture of antibody drug conjugates.

As an international cooperation, we have well-trained scientists and technicians, who work closely with our customers and research partners to provide better services and products. Over years of successful operation in the pharmaceutical industry has enabled us to possess a full-bodied array of antibody-drug conjugate services. We offer our customers with comprehensive one-stop-shop of all aspects in ADC research and evaluation, ranging from antibody modification and conjugation technologies, ADC payloads development, payload-linker synthesis, ADC conjugation, to various stages of ADC characterization and manufacture. Furthermore, we also provide an extensive list of linkers, payloads and payload-linker sets.

About Us

Antibody Modification and Conjugation Technologies There are numerous antibody conjugation technologies available with each having their own benefits, though no single option is optimal for every payload and antibody.

ADC Payloads Development There exists a range of payloads available for use in the development of antibody drug conjugates, each with their own toxicity profile and mechanism of action against specific tumor types.

ADC Linkers Development  There exists a range of linkers available for use in the development of antibody drug conjugates.

ADC Linker and Cytotoxin Conjugations  The different combinations of cytotoxin-linkers can be designed according to the different purposes of the clients.

ADC Analysis and Characterization  BOC Sciences's state-of-the-art laboratories are equipped with an array of analytical instrumentation to enable full characterization and purity determination of our products.

ADC Manufacture BOC Sciences offers large manufacturing capabilities for antibody drug conjugates at multiple scales including non-GMP and GMP manufacturing.

* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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