ADC Manufacture

ADC Manufacture

With appropriate technical equipment and years of biopharmaceutical experience, BOC Sciences provides customers with one-stop antibody drug conjugate (ADC) manufacturing services. We have been committed to helping our clients achieve their goals faster with efficient, cost-effective one-stop professional services.

Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) Manufacture

ADC is to connect the small molecule drugs with biological activity to the McAb through a chemical link, and the McAb is used as the carrier to transport the small molecule drugs to the target cells. ADC drugs use specific linkers to connect antibodies and small molecule cytotoxic drugs. Its main components include antibodies, linkers and small molecule cytotoxic drugs.

There are three main factors to produce ADC

  • Mass production of monoclonal antibodies.
  • Mass production of small molecule drugs.
  • Coupling of monoclonal antibodies with small molecule drugs by using appropriate linkers.

BOC Sciences has a professional team and can provide high quality ADC products to every customer. Typical ADC manufacturing processes include antibody modification, coupling and formulation. For different kinds of payloads and antibodies, we will choose the most appropriate linker and coupling strategy to manufacture ADC. The GMP team of BOC Sciences provides services such as biopharmaceutical contract R & D, process development, cGMP manufacturing, QA & QC solutions for scientific research, preclinical, clinical and commercial supply.

In addition to drug development, BOC Sciences also conducts research and development of ADC new toxins, linkers, antibodies, antibody modification technologies and new targets. In terms of toxins, BOC Sciences is trying a variety of new auristatin and other classes of drugs.

On the linker, BOC Sciences's direction is to develop a more stable system that releases toxins in the blood more stable in cells.

In the development of antibodies and new target attempts, BOC Sciences has developed its own drugs for new targets.

In terms of antibody modification technology research, BOC Sciences performing antibody humanization, antibody defucosylation (enhancing ADCC), and changing the type and number of antibody-linked linker sites can improve the efficiency and complexity of coupling ADCs.

BOC Sciences is a comprehensive technical service platform that complies with international standards, integrating compound synthesis, compound activity screening, structural biology, pharmacodynamic evaluation, pharmacokinetic evaluation, toxicology evaluation, preparation research and new drug registration.

Our advantages

  • Exclusive technology
  • Excellent R & D team
  • Optimize R & D
  • High-quality, low-cost products
  • Personalized service
  • Strict quality control


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* Only for research. Not suitable for any diagnostic or therapeutic use.

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