Muscarinic toxin 2

Muscarinic toxin 2 Catalog number: BADC-00298

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Muscarinic toxin 2 (MT2) is one member of a family of small peptides of 65 amino acid residues of around 7076 daltons in molecular weight derived from the venom of African mamba snakes (Dendroaspis angusticeps), which target the different muscarinic receptor subtypes. Muscarinic toxins like the nicotinic toxins have the three-finger fold structure, characteristic of the large superfamily of toxins that act at cholinergic synapses.

General Information

ADCs Cytotoxin
Product Name
Muscarinic toxin 2
Catalog Number
Molecular Weight
9375 Da
Lyophilised powder
Aqueous solution.
Stable in freeze-dried state; keep in dark and cold place; in solution, keep at -20 °C.
ADCs Cytotoxin
Room temperature, or blue ice upon request.

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